Re: [PARPORT] Boot from SyJet for Linux on IDE system with SCSI Parallel version

Geoffrey Myers (
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 10:04:56 -0500

Grant R. Guenther wrote:
> > I have a SyJet drive with the parallel port cable which uses the SCSI
> > for drive purposes.
> >
> > I have a notebook with an IDE based harddrive. Is it possible to boot
> > from the SyJet using the parallel port?
> >
> > Would getting a Scsi PCMCIA card help? Maybe disable the ide and use a
> > scsi card?

I've been hanging on to this email for a while as I've got a SCSI sy-jet
connected to my laptop. I had been planning on loading Linux on it, but
just now got around to it. Currently, my syjet is connected via the
scsi port on my HP Omnibook 5700. I loaded Linux to it this past week,
RH 4.0, and with the standard install of RH, it sees the SyJet. I was
able to mount it and all that good stuff. Right now, the drive in there
is vfat. I've not tried formatting a Linux drive on there or anything.
Thought I'd share this info.

> If the SCSI PCMCIA card is an option, do it. You'll get better performance,
> and you'll be able to install onto it, and boot from it, without sacrificing
> small mammals to obscure deities.
> If you elect to stick with the parallel port, you will be able to access
> the SyJet using the 'epst' driver, but you may find that performance is
> not up to your expectations. _And_ you will have to do some tricky
> configuration by hand.
> Even though I wrote the epst driver, I wouldn't recommend it for your
> root device :-(
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Until later: Geoffrey

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