Re: [PARPORT] A cdrom player

Steffen Kluge (
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 09:46:40 +1100 (EST)

Grant wrote:
>The parallel port CD-ROM drivers do not support the audio play ioctls at
>this time. I do intend to add this functionality - in a manner compatible
>with the "universal CD-ROM" layer - sometime in the next few months. It
>is currently item number 3 on my to-do list.
>By the way, the old 'bpcd' driver is no longer supported, these changes
>will happen in the PARIDE suite which is now part of the standard kernel.

I was about to ask whether there will be a parport-aware bpcd (for
daisy-chaining, enhanced parallel port modes etc.) So, what's the
future of Backpack support? Also, please excuse my ignorance, is
there a chance that anything of the nice parport stuff makes it into
a 2.0 kernel? Or do we have to use 2.1/wait for 2.2 ?


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