[PARPORT] Is the driver for Imations Super Disk available?

Mon, 2 Feb 1998 13:26:44 EST

To: linux-parport@torque.net

I own an Imation Superdisk parrallel port Drive

I'm running redhat linux with the 2.0.33 kernel on an AMD 133Mhz 5x86 PC

Imation has responded to my inquiries thus:

>>Subj: Re: Super disk & Linux
Date: 98-01-28 08:02:41 EST
From: info@imation.com
To: ChristopherJohnson@writeme.com

Do a search on the internet for Linux and LS120 (or Superdisk) and I
believe you will come across some drivers that someone wrote that works
with the Superdisk using Linux.

We do not package Linux drivers with the unit. I think it has to do with
the amount of people using Linux. Not sure.

Data Storage Support <<

My question is:

After searching the net and coming up with Grant's parrallel port page, i'm
wondering if youve had any luck wring a superdisk driver and where I can find



Christopher Johnson

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