[PARPORT] Zip drives

Jonathan Buzzard (jab@hex.prestel.co.uk)
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 17:53:33 +0000


After exactly two years and two days my trusted Zip drive appears to have
packed in, at least inserting disk gives an unhealthy two clunks, rather
than the usuall one, followed by a splutter sound as the heads move about,
though I can still perform a software eject. Question do you ever need to
clean the heads on a Zip, and if so how?

Before I buy another one, what's the status of support of the Zip Plus
under Linux? If I buy one am I likely to see it supported anytime soon.
Now that 100MB does not seem so much are their any parallel port CD-RW
drives working under Linux yet? That is can I use the RW bit?

Finally is their any parallel port removable storage device, which has
a Linux driver that uses ECP mode, as my Toshiba laptop has ECP, but no
EPP, and being stuck in PS2 mode is a drag.


Jonathan A. Buzzard                 Email: jab@hex.prestel.co.uk
Northumberland, United Kingdom.       Tel: +44(0)1661-832195

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