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> Subject: [PARPORT] Syquest SparQ 1.0 GB w/ red hat linux
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> I just bought on of those nifty Syquest SparQ 1.0 GB parallel port hard
> drives. I also decided to splurge and get red hat linux (first time user).
> I am doing an install on a laptop that does not have much room.
> Is there a way to perform the install directly onto the SparQ drive.
> Any suggestions....

*scratch head*

I am fairly sure that RedHat supports the SparQ (I could be wrong).
The issue here is that BIOS can not see the device, hence the linux kernel
needs to be stored on either a floppy or the HDD.

Most linux distributions give you the option (or should I say "Highly
Recommended") of making a boot floppy which contains the kernel. When you
want to run linux you insert the boot floppy and reboot the machine. The
following happens:
        a) BIOS will load the kernel from the floppy into memory
        b) Linux kernel will start the device driver.
        c) Your drive will be then be mounted as the root partition.

Dale, the next bit is intended for the linux-parport mailing list:


          People to write/maintain HOW-TO documents

Currently I am extremely busy (work commitments and device driver
maintenance) that documentation is fairly out of date/non-existent in
some areas. For example:

        - Step by Step instructions for installing Linux onto
          an parallel port external media drive. (ZIP, Syquest, etc)
        - Update the ZIP HOW-TO
          (I really must put in a fault diagnosis area).
        - Using Parport (parallel port sharing)

Some documentation already exists (Grant has put a HUGE amount of
documentation for the PARIDE drive. Great work Grant!!! The web pages
look fantastic!!).

Just drop me an email....


David Campbell
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