Re: [PARPORT] Noveca RAP// - end of the road ...

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Wed, 4 Feb 1998 21:15:37 +0100

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: Subject: [PARPORT] Noveca RAP// - end of the road ...
: Date: Monday, February 02, 1998 1:53 AM
: Circumstances have finally settled the question of whether we could
: hope to support the Noveca RAP//CD product. The answer, as far as I
: am concerned, is no.
: I worked on the thing a few months ago, but ran into many dead-ends
: (mainly because it just won't work under the DOS emulator). Just
: before christmas I got some anonymous mail with some clues about
: how it works. So, I've spent much of the last week trying to talk
: to my RAP//CD. I never got very far. Now, it doesn't even work in
: DOS anymore. You may recall that the Noveca kit had previously
: destroyed one of my CD drives. This time the drive survived, but the
: adapter is toast.
: I got mine only weeks before the company went bankrupt, so I guess
: they were shipping really bad product at that point.
: I'm sorry, I know that there are many Linux users that have these
: things and would like to use it, but my efforts have failed.
Yup, they can store it into the round archive too :-((.
Maybe whe should start a HW development project for pll port <--> anything.

'anything' could be SCSI and ATAPI cdroms, disks, scanners, video/photo
camaras etc. I would like to build such HW and some drivers, but time lacks
till July and I need some test HW (I just have a pll ZIP) :-((


: Grant R. Guenther
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