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Jonathan Buzzard (
Fri, 06 Feb 1998 16:41:37 +0000 said:
> Capturing traces is an easy task if the parallel port device has a
> DOS driver. We can run it under DOSemu and use some built-in
> features of the emulator to capture traces of specific operations.
> Unfortunately, most of these devices require Win95 - and won't work
> in DOSemu. Of course, if you have a good logic analyser (capable of
> capturing a trace of 24 channels at a sample rate of 10MHz for 20 or
> 30 seconds) you could get a trace that way - but if you can afford
> something like that, you'd buy the company rather than try to crack
> their protocol ;-)

Would it not be possible to write a lpt.vxd for Windows 95 that would
allow a traces similar to those produced by DOSemu? Alternately would
it be possible to get Wine to produce traces?


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