[PARPORT] ZIP Driver Announcement.

David Campbell (campbell@gear.torque.net)
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 09:30:35 +0000

Good News
1) ppa 1.41 has been realeased.
   Fixes: Header file (ppa.h) to allow compilation with Linux 2.1.85
          Nat Semi Kludge for newer super IO chipsets
   TODO: Rewrite SCSI error handling as per Linux 2.1.85

2) Updated main ZIP drive page.
          Added more info about Iomega products (so please stop
          asking me about JAZ drives and JAZ PCMCIA cards!! Seriously
          I have people ask me what is the best way to connect a JAZ
          drive to a laptop, "JAZ Traveller or JAZ PCMCIA card?").

3) Added scratch area with tips and tricks:
   TODO: Info is verbose and unstructured.
          Nasty gramatical error in the last line
         (you may need to think carefully about what I wrote to pick
          this one).
   Contributions most welcome (and encouraged!!).

4) Released "qboot_zip.sh" script for building a combined FAT/EXT2FS disk
   for demonstrating Linux. Instructions can be found in above web page.

5) JAZ Traveller to be reviewed next week, collecting device on Saturday
      Start two weeks leave on Monday. I have reports that this device
      works with ppa in SPP and PS/2 modes but not EPP. Will be testing
      with a Digital TLZ09 DAT drive.
   Comments anyone??

Bad News
1) ZIP Plus driver on hold.
Complete chaos in the office for at least 3 weeks (office renovation - I
only heard last Thursday [glad to be taking leave]), followed by an
couple weeks in Adelaide (South Australia - job related).

Positive point:
I have managed to convince my manager to buy a ZIP+ drive for my office

David Campbell
campbell@torque.net (Parallel port device related mail)
dcampbel@p01.as17.honeywell.com.au (For all other mail)

"All parallel ports are equal - Some are more equal than others"

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