[PARPORT] Parallel Port Harddrive

dogluvr (dogluvr@skuz.net)
Sun, 22 Feb 1998 15:50:53 -0800

I have a 1.6 MB West dig hardrive connected via my LPT1. How can I get
Linux to see this drive. I have read and looked for info on Shuttle H45
technology and linux and am unable to find anything. Also is there a
linux program available that will allow me to mount an LS120 SuperDrive
in ver 2.0.30 Kernel.. I can get the LS120 drive to work in ver 2.0.33
but I lose other things, Like my tape backup, iBCS, and other items..
im new to Linux but it seems to me that 2.0.33 is buggy. Lots of Inode
errors and other problems. Are the new 2.1.xx version very stable?

Thank You

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