[PARPORT] Re: Parallel driver for umax under linux

Jonathan Buzzard (jab@hex.prestel.co.uk)
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 20:57:37 +0000

szyndelp@fleet7.syntegra.agw.bt.co.uk said:
> Could you please help me. I am looking for a means to run my UMAX
> astra 610p on a linux os.

I just thought I would let you know how I am getting on with working out
the information to write a backend for the Astra 600/610P, as Umax
continue to be no help.

I have worked out a patch for Wine that lets me log the activity on the
parallel port in a manner similar to DOSEMU and will submit it for
inclusion in Wine latter this week.

After going back and changing my patch, so it included the cs:ip of each
in/out instruction, I was quickly able to establish that their are only
ten small code segements that do IO on the parallel port, in nibble mode
(my laptop does not support EPP mode, only ECP), three of which are only
used in the inital detection of the scanner, and one trys to determine
if it's attached to an EPP port.

After working out how each block works, and their likely purposes, I wrote
a small program to *decode* the log files. First the bad news, UMAX decided
to reinvent the wheel, and have developed a completely new command language
for their parallel port scanners. However working with the SCSI documentation
I think I can work it all out anyway, as they remain essentially the same

At the moment I an working on making Wine spit out decoded log files in the
first place, as *raw* log files involving any scanning activity are huge,
requiring 145KB for just one line of pixels in 30bit colour mode.


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