[PARPORT] (no subject)

Pedro A. Aranda Guti\irrez (paag@tid.es)
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 12:25:04 +0100

Hi, folks!

I've been trying to integrate the parport pach on my linux-2.0.33 kernel

sources with everything except luck. I get a lot of patch chunks
rejected and
when I 'make config' there's no message for parport support.

I'm working with the patch file I got from the parport home page.

I've tried both 'cat parport-.... | patch -p0' and 'zcat parport-....gz
| patch -p0'.

I'd like to share my Fujitsu MO drive, which btw works brilliantly, and
HP Deskjet600C printer on my paralell port.

Thanks for any help

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"Theorie ist, wenn man weiß wie es geht" "Praxis ist, wenn es geht, ohne daß man es weiß" Goethe

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