Re: [PARPORT] Paride and SparQ problems

Patrick Bauer (
Tue, 19 May 1998 15:28:06 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 19 May 1998, Grant R. Guenther wrote:

> > i have two parallel ports... one built into the motherboard... and one
> > add-on card... now... i have a parallel port SparQ... and a parallel port
> > scanner... if both of these devices are connected to both parallel
> > ports... whichever device is connected to the add-on card... will not
> > function properly... so there it is
> But things work fine on either port if only one device is connected ?

Yup... actually... the parallel device attached to the port which is
connected to the motherboard will always work properly

When both devices are attached... only the device connected to the port
which is connected to the motherboard works properly

If the port which is connected to the motherboard... doesn't have a device
attached... then the device connected to the add-on card will work

> > i've had the same problems on Windows NT... so it's not a problem with the
> > OS... could be the existance of a sound driver causing the problem... i
> > still have to test that..
> I doubt it, but you certainly have hardware problems.

Actually... i've tried this with two different motherboards... one with
with a Tx-Pro chipset... a.k.a. ALI Alladin IV... with an AMI BIOS... and
a DFI motherboard with an Intel TX chipset... with an Award Bios... same
problems on both... so i just have to conclude that a parallel scanner...
and a SparQ parallel drive... will simply not work together if they are
attached to two seperate parallel ports


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