Re: [PARPORT] SparQ problems

Patrick Bauer (
Fri, 29 May 1998 23:31:59 -0400 (EDT)

This is the same messages i got when i used the add-on parallel port
card... and i connected the SparQ to it... for these messages to go
away... i had to either disable the parallel port built into the
motherboard... or connect the SparQ to the parallel port attached to the


On Fri, 29 May 1998, Ximenes Rocha Resende wrote:

> Here I am again... Well, still trying to have SparQ working in my system.
> I can load paride,epat(port 0x378 mode 5) and pd and have them read the
> content of my disk. The problem is when it comes to writing it. After a
> while the kernel flushes the message
> pda:do_pd_write_drq:state = 0x10050 = SEEK READY TMO
> continouslly. Trying to "debug" the drivers' source code I figured out that
> the problem appears to happen within the "while" loop at "pd_wait_for"
> the driver's code...
> If somebody has SparQ running ok with paride 0.94, please send me a message
> saying so. I need to be sure that the driver's has no bug. I'm beginning to
> suspect that my hardware has problems (despite the fact that Sparq didn't
> show any problem under WinNT yet!). Thanks, Ximenes.
> PS: My system is not hanging as I thought before. It' just extremely slow
> because it's going through the loop in "pd_wait_for", processing sector by
> sector slowly...
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