Re: [PARPORT] Copying to Syquest problem

Wed, 15 Jul 1998 07:36:38 -0400 (EDT)

> What you don't say is whether it ever finishes. The ez driver was very slow
> getting perhaps 15KB/s ! With an appropriate port in EPP mode
> the new pd driver can do close to 500KB/s (you have to force the port delay
> to zero to get the top speed).
> Please get the current driver and report back to us.

500KB? that would be great... I've only maxed at about 220KBytes/sec. To
get the fastest throughput, you must have to use mode 4, right?

lepton:~# insmod paride
paride: version 1.02 installed
lepton:~# insmod epat
paride: epat registered as protocol 0
lepton:~# insmod pd drive0=0x378,0,0,4,0,1,0,0
pd: pd verson 1.03s, major 45, cluster 64, nice 0
pda: Adapter not found
pd: no valid drive found
Initialization of pd failed

If I don't specify the mode, the pd driver loads, using mode 2. Setting the
delay to zero doubled my throughput, but if I can double it again, that would
be great. My machine is a fairly old laptop, so am I stuck at mode 2? How
can I find out?

My setup:
Compaq LTE Elite 4/50cx (486 dx50)
kernel 2.0.34, patched for paride
trying to optimize transfer rates to a Syquest EzFlyer 230

BTW: if the advertized transfer rate of the parallel port EzFlyer is
1.2MB/sec, why is 500KB the maximum achieved throughput under linux? Not that
I'm complaining. The paride/parport project has done Great Things for the
linux community.

--Rob Latham

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