[PARPORT] Problem with SparQ drive (external parallel version)

Simon Paradis (sparadis@globetrotter.net)
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 23:52:49 -0400


I can't get the 1.0 gb SparQ (ext. parallel version) to work under
Linux. I don't know which parameter are needed for the driver to work.
I use the pd and epat drivers. My printer is attached to the printer
port of the SparQ drive. The lp (line printer), pd and epat drivers are all
builtin directly in the kernel (no modules)

I have two IDE hardisk and one IDE/ATAPI cdrom drive. I tried
and none of them works, the epat driver does not find the EPAT
chipset. Btw my drive is ON...

The SparQ drive works fine under NT4

Anyone have a clue ?

Simon Paradis | Net Timer Pro developer
sparadis@globetrotter.net| http://ntp.home.ml.org
ICQ: 9915264 | "When all else fail, use a big hammer"

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