Re: [PARPORT] BackPack Cdrom Woes

Stef Telford (
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 19:31:37 +0000 wrote:

> > > So what did the verbose=1 output from loading pcd look like afterward ?
> >
> > it looked the same as change whatsoever
> Which seems to suggest that the (natsemi) program didn't actually do
> anything.

yess, I agree, but hopefully this has been explained by the National Semi's
datasheet :(

> > Okay, I ran the tracing, and tried it under spp and epp.
> You might have to allow access to a whole range of oddball ioports before
> the backpack will be able to "unlock" your port.

it unlocked the port fine, however, it just seemed to make no difference to the
logsi generated. hurmm....makes me think that linux is not addressing the port
right, but more than that i cant say.

> > Will u/l the files to the incoming directory on as bantamcd.tgz
> Unfortunately you don't seem to have followed the instructions :-( There
> is no useful information in that file.

i know that the versions are different, but i cant believe that the dosemu
teamchanged tracing all that much. {quick check through the initialisation
Hurm, surely the info you need _is_ there, there is def. reads to port 3f0 and
(parts of my parallel port range) and also the reads to / from ports before

anyway...will try and download the dosemu version you want an compile it....
this might take some time (due to real work calling :(

> Please start by getting DOSemu 0.66.7 - not 0.67 (which appears to have
> severely mangled my port tracing code)

ahhh...d'accord, gotch you now....okay...will do asap....

> and then be sure not to use the
> "fast" attribute in your ports clauses of the configuration file, "fast"
> defeats the tracing logic.

fast wasnt on during the logs .... hell, I just want it working under linux
atm,we can worry about speed performance issues later ;o

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> Grant R. Guenther
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