[PARPORT] /dev/pg0 and 2.0.x?

Joel Hardy (deeng@inficad.com)
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 23:00:03 -0700 (MST)

     I just got burner that works fine as a CD-ROM in 2.0.x on /dev/pcd0,
but when I try to mount /dev/pg0 (which wasn't there earlier, but is now
after "mknod /dev/pg0 b 97 0"), I get this:

  [[root@localhost /root]# mount /dev/pg0 /mnt/cdrom
  mount: the kernel does not recognize /dev/pg0 as a block device
         (maybe `insmod driver'?)

The same thing happens for pg[1-3]. Which is kinda stupid since "cat
/proc/devices" shows "97 pg" on the last line. Is /dev/pg0 just not
supported in 2.0.x? If so, this is a Bad Thing(TM), since I was planning
on ditching my x86 box and and getting a Netwinder (StrongARM based), and
ARM isn't in 2.1.x and probably won't be in 2.2.x, either :( I do have an
ancient x86 laptop I plan on keeping, but it only has 200 megs of HD
space, which is NOT enough to store a CD image (and it has no pcmcia,
consequently no ethernet, so don't even mention NFS). Any hints?

- Joel Hardy (deeng@inficad.com)

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