Re: [PARPORT] /dev/pg0 and 2.0.x?
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 07:08:52 -0400 (EDT)

> I just got burner that works fine as a CD-ROM in 2.0.x on /dev/pcd0,
> but when I try to mount /dev/pg0 (which wasn't there earlier, but is now
> after "mknod /dev/pg0 b 97 0"), I get this:
> [> [root@localhost /root]# mount /dev/pg0 /mnt/cdrom
> mount: the kernel does not recognize /dev/pg0 as a block device
> The same thing happens for pg[1-3]. Which is kinda stupid since "cat
> /proc/devices" shows "97 pg" on the last line.

But read /proc/devices and that error message again. /dev/pg0 is a
character device.

You see, a CD-R is much more like a tape drive than a disk. It is not
a random access device, and does not support traditional filesystems.
(I'm not talking about the CD-ROM functions of the drive, just the CD-R

You cannot mount a CD-R like a floppy and write files to it. This is
true in any operating system - not just Linux.

All the documentation for the pg driver explains that, at this time, the
only way to use it is via Joerg Schilling's cdrecord program. Visit

for more information.

> Is /dev/pg0 just not supported in 2.0.x? If so, this is a Bad Thing(TM)

No, you just need to read the documentation. :-(

Now, perhaps you have a CD-RW device and you've been using Adaptec's
"DirectCD". As I understand it, DirectCD is an implementation of the
"UDF" filesystem. There is currently no UDF implementation in Linux,
although I believe Andrew Mileski is organising a UDF project. Andrew's
a little busy these days, so I'm not sure how much time that's getting.

> I was planning on ditching my x86 box and and getting a Netwinder

How ironic. That's the very Lilith that has consumed Andrew's soul :-)
(Andrew is one of the developers at Corel Computer ...) By the way,
I know that Corel has checked that PARIDE works with the Netwinder,
although how much testing it has received is not clear.

Grant R. Guenther

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