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Jon Svejgaard (
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 20:44:37 +0200 (MET DST)

On Tue, 25 Aug 1998, Richard Hunter wrote:

> Ok, I am not sure which group to address this to, so I will start here.
> I have a WinBlows PC and an iMac I am trying to network together.
> Here is my dilemna... Both the PC and the MAC have 100bt network
> cards. I would love to set up my Linux machine as both a printer
> server AND storage facilitator... does anyone have any ideas if
> Linux is capable of such a feat. Also, this would probably lead into
> my next question... Can Linux recognize files from these machines?
> I would love to use the Linux as a server station that I can backup=20
> data to, etc... I also use it to program Unix Shell scripts. But that
> should remain unaffected...=20
First, PLEASE don not post in HTML - it's a damn nuisance it your mailer
does not support it.
Re: your questions: YES!
To be a little bit more detailed, here's the lay of the land:
Linux comes with a Microsoft Networking type server like the one running
on Windows95/NT - it's called Samba and provides shared directories and
printers. I don't remember the URL for samba, but try Most
mirrors carry samba too, in their Linux networking directory. That should
cover the Windows PC thing. I'm not so sure about the iMac, it it can
connect to an NT server/Windows95 PC, you should be able to use the Linux
as a server for that, too.
Don't worry about data formats. To Linux, there is no such thing. Data is
just data, i.e. a stream of bytes. What they represent is up to the
program which handles the data. BTW, this is true for DOS and Windows
too, only Microsoft never realized it.... :-}
The only thing that's *really* different between the MS world and the
UNIX world is the way text files are written. In DOS, end-of-line is
signalled by CR-LF, but in UNIX, it's only LF. Endless programs have been
written to take care of that, which is funny because here are two more:

        tr -d "\015" < input-file-name > output-file-name

        awk '{ printf("%s\r\n",$0) }' < input-file-name > output-file-name

Complicated, right?

Hope this helps
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