[PARPORT] Port trcign patches for Wine

Jonathan Buzzard (jab@hex.prestel.co.uk)
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 14:46:14 +0100

At long last I have got round to finalizing my patches to allow Wine to
produce a trace on port activity in the same way as DOSemu has allowed
for some time now.

The patch is against the 981018 release of Wine. To install the patch
place in the root Wine source directory (ie. where you run configure from)
and run

    patch <patch.iotrace

The second command is essential, as it cause the wine includes to be updated
for the new io debug channel. Hints on how to use the patch can be found in
documention/ioport-trace-hints. I will be submitting this patch for
inclusion in the next release of Wine, so hopefully I can get back to
hacking Toshiba's.


Jonathan A. Buzzard Email: jab@hex.prestel.co.uk
Northumberland, United Kingdom. Tel: +44(0)1661-832195

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