[PARPORT] RedHat rant (prepend usual disclaimers...)

Thomas Good (tomg@nrnet.org)
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 20:48:18 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998 grant@torque.net wrote:

> > Hopefully Grant should also reply to your email and shed some
> > light on where you can get a boot disk for RedHat which supports
> > the HP 7200.
> There's no off-the-shelf solution, but as of pre-2.0.36 there is a
> script (jumbo) in the kernel tree that can be used to make a single
> module driver for any combination of PARIDE driver and protocol.

Grant -

Excuse me for butting in here but I see an opportunity to address
something that I find bothersome. You point out (below) that RedHat
may ship with a broken bpcd driver...this is hardly the first time
RedHat shipped with something broken. As someone who relies on iBCS2
to run my SCO apps, I can tell you that they frequently include a
broken ibcs2 (kernel mismatch, etc...)
And I have colleagues who find the same problem with dosemu.

In my view, RedHat exemplifies the `Upgrade of the Week' mentality that
causes propronents of other unices to chuckle. May I site glibc?

I have colleagues who swear by Debian and some who like Suse but I am
a slackware user. This because Patrick does not do the upgrade of the
week - slack 3.5 does not include glibc and iBCS2 does work...
Similarly, slackware sports the most BSD of all the various linux system
initialisation strategies. My point is that slackware is reliable
and streamlined. It does not do anything in a gratuitous manner. It
is the only reason I run Linux, rather than FreeBSD.

Alas, slackware does not offer a bpcd boot image. So being lazy, I
install the base set and kernel src and then compile bpcd.c and finish
off my install. I am a database programmer not an operating system guy
and I don't much care to fiddle with making a boot disk. I am too busy
chasing home made bugs in my SQL and/or Perl DBI code.

But I sure would like a recipe for a slackware bpcd boot disk.
And I sure would like to see paride support in something besides RedHat.
I am aware I risk a flame war by saying so but I honestly find Donnie
Barnes as annoying as Bill Gates...I can't see any justification for
all of the slop in redhat code. They have the means to get it right.
You have minimal resources - but you almost always hit the nail on the

Just blowing steam - forgive the polemic but please consider the request
to support slackware (or susie or little debbie... ;-)

My respect for your contributions exceeds my dislike of the `leading brand'
of Linux...and that *is* saying something.

Thanks for listening,
Tom Good
> What I haven't been able to learn is whether 5.2 will include the PARIDE
> drivers, or if they are continuing to ship the boot floppy with the
> broken bpcd driver. If it does ship with the broken driver, I'll
> try to make a script to generate boot disks for all the different
> PARIDE CD-ROM drivers.


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