[PARPORT] I'm New, trouble with ecp hardware

Uwe Klein (uwe.klein@flensburg.netsurf.de)
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 11:27:24 +0100


for interfacing with a spectrometer( 32bit IO) i've build a little box
that behaves like an ecp peripheral.
using the parport patch for 2.0.3? i adapted lp.c
to do io in mode 011/ecp with both PIO and DMA transfers.
this works ok in forward mode, but in reverse mode the
hardware is handshaking wildly, but there is neither DMA activity nor
gets the FIFO any bytes. ( i can't do this in testmode neither )
As a check i used ecp.c/OJ people ) to transfer Data in and out: no
well, i'm definitely stumped. has anyone coaxed a chipset into reverse
ecp and/or has a nice tip for me?

Uwe Klein [mailto:uwe.klein@flensburg.netsurf.de]
D-24376 Groedersby b. Kappeln, GERMANY
phone: +49 4642 920 123 FAX: +49 4642 920 125

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