[PARPORT] Seagate ftape problem, more stuff

Thu, 29 Oct 1998 05:29:45 -0600 (EST)

Will I have to move to 2.1 kernel to get my 63200P working, I see that
kernel has support for it

Ftape (QIC-80/Travan) support (CONFIG_FTAPE) [N/y/m/?] ?


  If you have a tape drive that is connected to your floppy
  controller, say Y here.

  Some tape drives (like the Seagate "Tape Store 3200" or the Iomega
  "Ditto 3200" or the Exabyte "Eagle TR-3") come with a "high speed"
  controller of their own. These drives (and their companion
  controllers) are also supported if you say Y here.

I posted it yesterday but I think it got lost

I have a Seagate 63200P which is a parallel port ftape drive, I believe
compatible with ditto 3200. I have RedHat-5.0/egcs linux 2.0.34. I
installed ftape device with this in my conf.modules

alias char-major-27 zftape
options ftape ft_fdc_driver=bpck-fdc,none,none,none

but when I access the device I get errors from bpck-fdc, (refer to the
error messages in the next paragraph). I tried using trakker and got
similar (checksum) errors. I have checked that it is trying to grab 0x378
which is the correct IO Base, I dont think it is using an IRQ, I forced
it to use IRQ7 but still the same result. Can someone identify what it is,
or point me to the right direction.

Oct 29 10:00:30 mawali kernel: [084] fdc-io.c (fdc_register) - Probing
for bpck-fdc tape drive slot 0.
Oct 29 10:00:30 mawali kernel: [085] 0 bpck-fdc.c (bpck_fdc_probe) -
Bpck parallel port tape drive interface for ftape v4.02 08/29/98.
Oct 29 10:00:30 mawali kernel: [086] bpck-fdc.c (bpck_fdc_query_proto)
- Got 0xd8, expected either 0xc0 or 0x40.
Oct 29 10:00:30 mawali kernel: [087] 0 bpck-fdc.c (bpck_fdc_detect) -
can't find bpck interface for ftape id 0.
Oct 29 10:00:30 mawali kernel: [088] 0 bpck-fdc.c (bpck_fdc_detect) -
ft_parport_probe(fdc, &bpck->parinfo) failed: -6.


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