[PARPORT] Re: New problem, Microsolutions 800td

Claus-Justus Heine (claus@math1.rwth-aachen.de)
01 Nov 1998 17:30:34 +0100

Hello root :-)

Sorry for not responding earlier.

root <root@tartarus.HIP.Berkeley.EDU> writes:

> >ftmt -f /dev/qft0 status
> This is a Iomega 250, Ditto 800 floppy tape drive, (drive type = 0x8880)
> drive status = 0x00009805
> generic drive status = 0x01000000
> (In particular: * tape online * )
> sense key error = 0x00000e16
> residue count = 0
> file number = -1
> block number = -1

This looks rather good. Because it means that ftape can talk to your
tape drive.

> > ftmt -f /dev/qft0 rewind
> ftmt: /dev/qft0: I/O error
> >ftmt -f /dev/qft0 erase
> ftmt: /dev/qft0: Permission denied
> > tar -c main.c -f /dev/qft0
> tar: Cannot write to /dev/qft0: Permission denied

Of course, these three doesn't look too good anymore ... :-(

> Using the commands:
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
> insmod ftape ft_fdc_driver=bpck-fdc ft_tracings=4,4,4,4,4
> insmod zftape
> insmod bpck-fdc ft_fdc_irq=5 ft_fdc_base=0x278
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

As Chris already suggested, please use

insmod ftape ft_fdc_driver=bpck-fdc,none,none,none ft_tracings=4,4,4,4,4

This will _NOT_ solve your problems, but prevents bpck-fdc to search
for additional parallel port tape drive for the other ftape devices
which simply blows up the kernel log files and gives confusing error
messages, just because you only have one parallel port tape drive so
probing for additional tape drive MUST fail.

> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
> Oct 23 16:28:00 tartarus kernel: 0xa0 0xa1 0xa2 0xa3 0xa4 0xa5 0xa6 0xa7
> 0xa8 0xa9 0xaa 0xab 0xac 0xad 0xae 0xb0

Oh, well, I should increase the level for _these_ messages to 5 ...

> ...

many "..." ...

> Oct 23 16:28:05 tartarus kernel: [182] bpck-fdc.c
> (bpck_fdc_query_proto) - Got 0xf8, expected either 0xc0 or 0x40.
> Oct 23 16:28:05 tartarus kernel: [183] 3 fdc-parport.h

This little number "3" means that this refers to the fourth ftape
device, i.e. /dev/(n)qft3

Presumably the previous error message "expected either ..." then
refers to /dev/(n)qft2.

This was it what I meant by "confusing error messages" :-)

The really interesting parts of your kernel log file must follow below
the false errors you had included in your email (not your fault, those
messages really look weird).

I suggest that you try inserting the ftape driver with all those
"none"s added to the ft_fdc_driver option and then retry the

ftmt -f /dev/nqft0 status

Trace level "4" is just fine as long as we don't know what is going
on. If in doubt which parts of the kernel log are important, simply
send me the entire kernel log. If you think that the kernel log is too
big, send it to me as personal email rather than to the mailing
list. You should compress it in this case and send it as attachment,
or simply uuencoded.



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