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From: Hannes Krüger <>

> i want to use my MITSUMI CR2600TE CD-writer (IDE/ATAPI).
> therefore i build a kernel with PARIDE.

The following URL (and linked pages) indicate that the CR2600TE is an
internal IDE device, not a parallel port device:

The paride suite only supports IDE devices connected via a parallel port and
not dirrectly attached to the standard IDE bus.

For a CD-R connected to the IDE of the mainboard:
a) disable ATAPI CD-ROM support
b) enable ATAPI to SCSI translation
c) enable base SCSI support
d) enable SCSI CD-ROM support
e) enable SCSI Generic support
f) rebuild kernel
g) reboot
h) burn CDs :-)

You will not require any SCSI adapter drivers, any unsupported ATAPI
devices found on the IDE channels will be passed to the SCSI drivers for

All IDE cdroms will now appear as /dev/scd0, /dev/scd1, /dev/scd2 ....
For cutting CDs use /dev/sg0, /dev/sg1, /dev/sg2...

David Campbell

Check for all Linux
parallel port solutions.

Current project list:
a) Maintain Linux ZIP drivers (documentation needed)
b) Create Linux chipset specific parport drivers
c) Implement IEEE 1284.3 daisy chain support
d) Implement IEEE 1284.3 multiplexor support

Any assistance to clearing this list most welcome

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