[PARPORT] Very Slow Printing w. Epson Stylus 800

Manuel Schulte (manuel@sea-to-sky.net)
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 18:44:49 -0800

Hi there,

    I'm using anEpson Stylus Color 800 printer with Redhat 5.1 (kernel
2.0.35), and when printing even uncomplicated graphics I'm getting very
slow print speeds i.e. several minutes/page. The printer is connected
to a network of 3 computers ->2 Linux boxes and 1 W95 box. The
printer works fine when connected to the Win 95 machine, but both Linux
machines cause it to slow right down, (wether I print from linux using
the ghostscript 5.1 uniprint driver or from W95 using the windows
drivers via Samba). I've tried tunelp with various parameters, but to
no avail. I also have a Laserjet 6L connected to the network, and it
works fine on all machines. I really don't know much about the
technical stuff but if it helps any the motherboards on the Linux boxes
are ASUS TXP4 Smart Mainboards, and the parallel ports support ECP, EPP,
EPP+ECP, and Normal modes, and the ECP DMA can be selected (->1,3 or

Any help is greatly appreciated,


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