[PARPORT] Devicenames PARIDE

Fri, 25 Dec 1998 20:58:38 -0500

I just installed a LINUX 2.0.29 as an altenative OS in order to learn
about and perhaps in some time to cancel WIN...
I copied the files from the CD to a free Partiotion on the harddisk.
But for dselect i'd like to use my Freecom Power CD.

So i installed right even PARIDE 0.94 downloaded from the link on:

It looks fine so far:

debian: rmmod lp
debian: insmod paride
paride version 0.94 installed
debian: insmod frpw
paride frpw registered as protocol 0
debian: insmod pcd
pcd0: frpw 0.94, Freecom (Xilinx) adapter at 0x378 using mode 1 (8-bit)
pcd0: Master: CD-Rom CR-581

I could not mount it to my tree.

What devicename i have tu use?

Thanks Matthias Schulz

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