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  • Journal-brief now in Fedora

    The journal-brief package is now available in Fedora (22+)! Also, the 1.1.2 release adds a ‘systemd’ output format to report on failed systemd units: $ journal-brief -o systemd Failed systemd units: 7 x NetworkManager.service 33 x abrtd.service 1 x configure-printer@usb-001-008.service 1 x dnf-makecache.service […] For more about journal-brief visit the GitHub page.

  • Using journal-brief to watch for errors

    It’s pretty easy to see what error messages have been logged on a machine with systemd installed: just run journalctl -p err. But this will show you all of the messages of priority “err” or higher, starting from the beginning of the log. What if you only want the most recent ones? Again, that’s pretty…