Month: February 2007

  • Finished the new s-c-printer job options screen

    Yesterday I finished making the new job options screen for the printer configuration tool. The options that are known to exist are laid out in groups, with a reset button to get back to the system default for each option. The next step will be to just have the reset buttons for the mandatory system […]

  • emacs-nxml-mode now in Fedora Extras

    I’d been meaning to package nxml-mode for Fedora Extras, and today it finally made it in (yay!). The package name is “emacs-nxml-mode”. It provides on-the-fly validation and well-formedness checking when editing XML documents in Emacs.

  • Branched the printer config tool

    I’m ready to implement the new job options screen, but it will mean changing a fair amount of code and there will probably be bugs in the implementation until it settles down a bit. Until this point both bugs and new features have been going into the Fedora Core 6 system-config-printer tool, but it’s time […]

  • Click

    Click is a great idea for a film: a universal remote control that controls your universe. Adam Sandler is usually quite good for funny-but-with-sad-bits films, and I think this was just the wrong film for him. The film ended up being a little bit too stuck in the formula, and too sentimental, and that’s a […]

  • Tricks of the Mind (Derren Brown)

    There are some very good bits in Derren Brown’s Tricks of the Mind. His previous two books Absolute Magic and Pure Effect were really great, with an enjoyable writing style and (of course) superb content. They were a lot to live up to, and his latest book isn’t as good.