Wanted: Album cover quiz

Matt Marr's album cover quizSue and I played one of those album cover quizzes online. Sue’s so much better than I am at getting them right! But it got me thinking: how hard would it be to make one and put it right here? Oh, I’m sure it could be done as a one-off without too much trouble, but what if I wanted to make it easy to create new quizzes?

My idea is that someone (anyone out there?) could write a plug-in module for Gallery 2, similar to the ‘Rating’ module but with type-in boxes for the artist and album name, and a little button next to them to see if you’re right.

Has anyone done this? Or, alternatively, does anyone know an easier way to make an album cover quiz? 🙂

Also wanted: links to other existing quizzes that Google didn’t tell me about!







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  1. Mark avatar

    I can’t help you with designing your own quiz, but here are a couple I found:


    And this one (the score-as-you-go didn’t work for me, I think because certain things are disabled here at work):