Category: Music

  • The Return of Justin Currie

    Justin Currie’s voice and lyrics are just as good as they were in the Del Amitri days, and just as evocative. I haven’t even finished listening to The Uncle Devil Show yet, and now this album, What Is Love For?, is out. Yay!

  • 7digital beta site

    I’ve just discovered that 7digital has a hidden beta site where you can filter searches by file format. Finally we can search their shop for MP3 format tracks/albums!

  • Wanted: Album cover quiz

    Sue and I played one of those album cover quizzes online. Sue’s so much better than I am at getting them right! But it got me thinking: how hard would it be to make one and put it right here? Oh, I’m sure it could be done as a one-off without too much trouble, but…