Month: April 2007

  • Jet lag

    Do migratory birds get jet lag? Does it depend on whether they have used the jet stream?

  • Stalked by bees

    Call it spooky coincidence if you will, but I will call it synchronicity. Certain topics or words that keep coming up, in unrelated places. There is always a background level of coincidence, but at the moment it seems to be a higher level than usual. This week it’s bees. A month or two back it […]

  • Paper-out detection

    You wouldn’t expect it to be difficult for a printer driver to detect that the printer is out of paper. Having spent several days trying to work out the Linux usblp kernel driver, I have all but given up trying to fix it myself. Hopefully someone will show interest in the bug report I filed. […]

  • Happy Danes

    The BBC Magazine is running an article about Denmark, and how “happiness” surveys show that they are generally happier than the rest of us Europeans (I’m including Brits in that). But, in classic BBC style, they need to tell both sides of the story; except in this case I’m not sure what they’re trying to […]

  • Printer status feedback

    The print job manager applet is now part of system-config-printer, starting with Fedora 7 test 3. I’ve been working on making it better for after Fedora 7 is released, specifically by getting it to tell me when the printer is out of paper, low on ink, on fire etc. It uses the IPP printer-state-reasons attribute […]