Month: May 2007

  • “New printer” notification mock-ups

    Got a plan for fixing the printer driver prompt. This is the prompt you get when a driver can’t be found for the printer you just plugged in. The issue is that you can’t say “use this PPD file I’ve got” but instead have to choose from the ones that already didn’t match.

  • My Fedora 8 wish list

    With the release of Fedora 7 not far away, I’ve been thinking about what improvements I would like to make for Fedora 8.

  • Hustle: the con is over?

    I hate to say it, but top-notch BBC con-men series Hustle has had its day. I’d been looking forward to the new series ever since the previous series ended, but with the departure of Adrian Lester it’s not the same show at all. This series’ episodes so far have been missing finesse, and I think […]

  • Making other arrangements for backing-up data

    A few months ago I read the article Making Other Arrangements by James Howard Kunstler, and I suppose that might have been the catalyst for my decision to change the way I make back-up copies of my data.

  • pycups now accepted into Debian unstable

    I just heard that pycups is now included in Debian unstable as python-cups.  Thanks to Otavio Salvador for packaging and maintaining it.