Month: September 2007

  • JOIN ME!

    I’ve created my first PledgeBank pledge!

  • IPP browser

    I’ve added an IPP browser to system-config-printer, similar to the SMB browser. Screenshots below.

  • Bournemouth Eye

    Bournemouth from above Originally uploaded by cyberelk11 We went up in the Bournemouth Eye on Saturday. It’s a tethered helium-filled balloon that reaches 500 ft above the Central Gardens in Bournemouth. I’ve been wanting to go on it since we moved here!

  • Testing duplex printing on Fedora

    It was a while before and Evince both worked correctly with the GTK+ print dialog in Fedora Core 6, and most of the problems were with duplexing and printing multiple copies. Intrigued by a message on the fedora-list mailing list complaining about problems with duplex printing, I decided to spend a bit of time […]

  • State of Fedora Printer Configuration

    I just wrote a short piece about how the Fedora CUPS administration tool (system-config-printer) works: Abstract: This document aims to give a brief introduction to the CUPS administration tool that was written for Fedora Core 6, system-config-printer, and the current state of this tool’s development. Read the full thing if you’re interested.