New Printer notification bubbles going down well

Looks like the New Printer notification bubbles from Fedora 8 are going down well in Ubuntu Gutsy.






4 responses to “New Printer notification bubbles going down well”

  1. […] are picking up the eggcups printer autoconfiguration interfaces which I had started and Tim Waugh had perfected.  It was more than three years ago that GNOME had a dream of making USB hardware ‘Just […]

  2. Andreas Nilsson avatar

    Hey Tim!
    It appears you rock!
    Didn’t mean to sound like Ubuntu deserve the credit in my blog. I was just really happy about the interface (or lack of, so to say).
    Totally owe you a beer next Guadec.

  3. tim avatar

    Andreas: no, it’s good that Ubuntu has picked this up and that it is well-received. Ubuntu does deserve some of the credit in that it has been really useful to get bug reports, suggestions and, in some cases, patches from a wider range of users.

  4. […] just made a quick screencast showing the “new printer” notification bubbles, as well as a “low ink” notification when printing to an HP printer connected to […]