Downloading printer drivers on demand

The first steps for using the API which I’ve mentioned before have now been checked into the trunk of system-config-printer.  Today’s release, 0.7.79, doesn’t enable any of it yet, but the module contains the code.






4 responses to “Downloading printer drivers on demand”

  1. Robin avatar

    You might want to check out some of the things we are doing with PackageKit. One of the goals of the project is to support applications downloading and installing plugins with a cross-distro API. We aren’t quite there yet, and if you have any feedback for what you’d need in terms of API, let us know!

  2. tim avatar

    This might be a bit of a special case. Although system-config-printer runs on several platforms including Ubuntu, the downloadable drivers at are all in RPM format. This means that on apt-based machines the packages need to be installed using alien.

    Can PackageKit deal with that sort of situation?