Month: March 2008

  • New (old) user interface for printer configuration

    I spent a bit of time today experimenting with making the system-config-printer user interface look a bit more like the gnome-cups-manager interface did, after several people mentioned they preferred it. The aim is to make it look less cluttered, more friendly, and generally cleaner. This is the first time I’ve used an IconView in GTK+ […]

  • Python bindings for libsmbclient

    I’ve just put together some minimal Python bindings for libsmbclient, following on from what I said earlier. All that’s wrapped is enough for it to be useful for discovering printer shares, so that’s: the SMB context object, the opendir() method and the getdents() method. There’s an example included called, which shows it in action. […]

  • Tasks for fixing SMB printer browsing

    I’ve been investigating the problems with trying to print to a Windows print share from Fedora. The main problems are to do with authentication, both when browsing to find the printer and when submitting a print job. See below for the problems and the steps required to fix them.

  • Mexican Jumping Beans

    When I was at school there was a newsagent around the corner that sold real Mexican Jumping Beans, in little tubes containing about five each. Not the little plastic lozenge-shape toys with ball-bearings giving them momentum, but the real things (see Wikipedia article). I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when one of them would […]