Some of our electricity is missing

wind-turbine-crop-circleWe use Ecotricity for electricity supply in our household, as they use the money we pay them to build new wind turbines.  Annoyingly, aliens are wrecking them. One early report said that a blade had been torn off and — ominously — was nowhere to be found (perhaps implying it had been abducted). A later report said that it was found at the foot of the wind turbine.  Probably should have checked there first.

Now the county councillor for the area has piped up with a report of seeing a “round, white light” with a “slight red edge” hovering near the wind turbines. So was it aliens, or mechanical failure? Either way, it mightn’t be a bad idea to start installing cameras at turbine sites.

If it is indeed aliens, perhaps it is because we are sending them the wrong message.  Honestly, two months after Greenpeace creates a crop circle depicting a wind turbine, a turbine is taken out by aliens — can that really be coincidence? 😉

While I’m writing about this, I’d like to pick up on something that Russ Kellett, of the Flying Saucer Bureau, was quoted by the BBC as saying:

To hit two of the blades, any object must have been about 170ft long.

Couldn’t it have been travelling along the plane of the blades rather than directly face-on?





2 responses to “Some of our electricity is missing”

  1. Tomalak Geret'kal avatar

    I don’t see how the 170ft comment made sense anyway. Perhaps in the context of what they were suggesting, they meant 170ft *wide*? Unless the alleged craft travelled sideways, it would have had to be travelling along the plane of the blades anyway for length to even possibly make a difference. Or am I missing something?

  2. home turbine avatar

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