Printing to Google Cloud Print from GTK+

I’ve been working on a Google Cloud Print GTK+ print module.

Google Cloud Print is a web service provided by Google that allows people to share their printers. In addition to being able to print to printers shared that way, there is a cloud equivalent of “Print to file” in the form of “Save to Google Drive”.

Here is a screenshot of the print dialog (from gedit) with this module included:


The cloudprint module uses gnome-online-accounts to obtain the OAuth 2.0 access token for the Google account, which is why the Google goa backend needs an additional scope.

Currently it can discover available printers, get simple details about them such as display name and status, and submit jobs without any special options. I plan to add options-setting based on the capabilities advertised by the printer.

To try it out you’ll need to patch gnome-online-accounts and gtk+.

8 Responses to “Printing to Google Cloud Print from GTK+”

  1. Pete says:

    Nice work. Is this included in the next Gnome release, or is this more of an external package?

  2. Mark T. Kennedy says:

    this is *cool*. good luck!

  3. Flo says:

    This is pretty cool! Hope your patches are going to be accepted.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Any plans for the reverse, providing local CUPS printers to Cloud Print?

    • Tim says:

      There are already a variety of ways to do this, e.g. running Chrome, or there is a Python script to do it somewhere.

      It might be something we want to do as part of GNOME (i.e. gnome-settings-daemon) at some point, but I think the outgoing-jobs direction needs the most work at the moment.

  5. Jordan Ketterer says:

    Hello, I know it has been a few years, but I just discovered that I have been using this for the better part of a year or maybe more. My only problem is lack of settings, or any way to duplex or change tray or anything like that.
    Are these types of things still a possability? or has this project been finished as is

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