Category: Non-techie stuff

  • Streetview-style maps seeing inside buildings

    This Finnish mapping service has a mode that works like Google’s Street View, but it can let you look around inside buildings!  Take a look.  Try clicking on one of the buildings with a rectangle around it.

  • Queues

    While I was waiting in a queue at the Post Office, I was remembered something I thought while waiting in a queue on the phone to BT.  If there are fewer people serving at the desks or answering the phones and more people in the queues, and this becomes the norm, the people queueing will…

  • Ecofont

    This is a font called Spranq Eco Sans, based on Vera Sans.  The idea is that the little circular holes in the lines making up the letters can save up to 20% of the ink used for printing it out. I think the idea is to get people to think about how much ink they…

  • Super-8 cine film conversion methods

    We have some old Super-8 cine film reels and have been looking around at places that will convert it to something newer e.g. DVD.  It looks like there are two main methods: Frame-by-frame conversion, where each frame is scanned separately and the frame rate adjusted by occasionally doubling frames.  This seems to be quite expensive!…

  • dawdlr

    My first dawdlr postcard has finally been scanned in and published.  Seems like absolutely ages ago that I posted it… and THAT’S THE POINT.