RE: [PARPORT] after cdrecord -multi.. mount leaves a 0byte File / mnt/cdrom, ECP issue?

BROWN Nick (
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 09:11:57 +0200

>After appending to a unclosed CD (earlier written in windowz ),
when I tried to
>mount it a 0 size /mnt/cdrom FILE was created, evidentally deleting
>pre-existing /mnt/cdrom dir. when I loaded the pcd module and
mounted the cd in
>my HP CDRW, all files showed up except for thoes I had just tried
to append. Is
>this a cdrecord or parport related issue. Suggestions appreciated
for both.

Quite possibly neither... reading back multi-session CDs is one of those
experiences which produce nostalgia in people who used to try to get three
add-in card drivers to work in CONFIG.SYS under DOS... it doesn't always
work. It can be quite hardware-dependent. Can you read the same CD
correctly on the same drive with "another" operating system ? Some drives
just can't read multi-session CDs at all.

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