RE: [PARPORT] Printer works in 2.0.36 but no in 2.2.x

Juha Sahakangas (
Sat, 1 May 1999 02:09:40 +0300 (EEST)

On Fri, 30 Apr 1999, Tim Waugh wrote:

> Weird. It's the right number of characters but they're just wrong?

Yes. I wonder what would it print if I would try to print some graphics..

> Well, here's a patch against 2.2.7-tmw1. It changes the behaviour of
> printer in the absence of interrupts. The idea is that we don't require
> the paper-out and on-line signals to be in any particular state, just
> nBusy and nFault. Let me know if this is any better.

Today (30.04.99) was my last day in work-training where the
computer was so i can't continue working on this problem anymore..
Probably we were getting close to the solution there, as it printed even
something.. well, i hope it may help someone else with samekind of

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