[PARPORT] zipdrive again

The Eye (Michael.Hellwig@uibk.ac.at)
Mon, 3 May 1999 17:28:54 +0200

now everything I read on the net concerning problems with parallel
zipdrive is either someone complaining that it doesn't work anymore with
kernel 2.2.x while it worked fine with 2.0.3x, or someone replying to
this, saying "there's no problems with this anymore with 2.2.x", which is
_highly_ helpfull, really, or someone saying "there's this new driver" (I
already figured that one out) "and you need to change your configuration

but nobody actually says WHAT to write into these configuration files...

I get the same problems described earlier by other ppl...
i.e. drive worked fine in SuSE 5.3 (=2.0.35) and stopped doing some with
upgrade to SuSE 6.1 (=2.2.5).
Now theres a short article in the SuSE-book, saying that after typing
"modprobe parport" and "modprobe parport_pc io=some value irq=some value"
one could go modprobe ppa and that's that. but shit, of course not.

so WHAT would one actually have to type, to get that thing running?

and yes, I've tried imm as well, it just does the same.



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C ya
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