Re: [PARPORT] KingByte 9520 SCSI help

Joe Hartley (
Wed, 19 May 1999 19:22:08 -0400 (EDT) wrote:
> Does the chip also say "KBIC-951A" ? Most KingByte chips that I have
> seen have markings like
> KBIC-951A
> 9647

No, the chip is marked:

The CD-ROM inside the case (a Sanyo CRD-254S) is a SCSI unit, so

> Is there a specific reason why you elected to install such an old
> version of Linux ?

It was what was available. I had the choice of 2 different distributions
(Caldera and SuSE), both based on 2.0.33. This isn't going to be on a
network; it's going to have a very specific purpose (controlling a telescope),
so I was hoping to avoid having to get a different (newer) distribution.
I was unable to get the SuSE distribution to work at all on this ancient box -
it froze midway through the "analyzing system" phase!

> It _is_ possible to install from KingByte based CD-ROMs - although the
> only distribution that has it all together is the one from SuSE.

parallel->IDE unit, but no mention is made of the SCSI unit or the particular
KingByte chip in question.

I do have another machine with the SuSE 2.0.33 on it, so I can compile, but
I've found no pointer to where I can get a tarball of the PARIDE source; I'd
be willing to try it.

Such is the problem with non-profit organizations; it's usually a question
of making do with what's available!

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