Re: [PARPORT] KingByte 9520 SCSI help
Wed, 19 May 1999 19:45:21 -0400 (EDT)

> No, the chip is marked:
> 9520

Ok, that's an older version of the Kingbyte adapter. (The 93X is the
interesting bit.) I recently got hold of one - in an old IDE case.
I haven't had time to analyse its protocol yet.

> The CD-ROM inside the case (a Sanyo CRD-254S) is a SCSI unit, so

Hmm. Does the adapter card also contain a Symbios/NCR 53c80e ?

If so, I believe you have a "ParaSCSI" adapter. They were marketed
in the US under the LinkSys brand. The later "ParaSCSI+" is based
on the KBIC-951A adapter, and is now marketed by Shining Technology
as the "SparCSI".

Currently, there are no drivers for these devices. I am actually
working on one for the later model. I can't say if it will
happen to work with the older adapter at this stage. At any rate,
this is not going to solve your problem any time soon.

Technical aside: A parallel-IDE adapter is really a parallel port
ISA bus replicator, except that the bus only has 4 address lines.
That's sufficient to connect to an IDE cable to a drive, or to
connect to some other peripheral chip that only uses I/O ports and
at most 16 of them. The 5380 falls into that category. So, some
of the parallel port SCSI adapters on the market are actually
IDE adapters with 5380s tacked on.

> I do have another machine with the SuSE 2.0.33 on it, so I can compile, but
> I've found no pointer to where I can get a tarball of the PARIDE source; I'd
> be willing to try it.

As we now know, that's not going to help. I think PLIP to another Linux
box is your best option for now.

Grant R. Guenther

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