Re: [PARPORT] H45 QuickDrive, 2.3.3-tmw1 and other ramblings ...

Erik Inge Bolso (
Fri, 28 May 1999 15:29:48 +0200 (CEST)

>> 1. Without applying 2.3.3ac3 as well, the paride modules are unusable.
>> (Some typos and such in stock 2.3.3)
>I don't have any devices that require paride myself -- what are the
>problems with stock 2.3.3?

Mainly misspellings of the init_waitqueue_head stuff, as far as I
remember... They compile, but complain about unresolved symbols...

>Yes, I'm aware of that, I just haven't fixed it yet. I'd like to have a
>bit of a think about just where ppuser is headed.

What I can imagine it being used for is user-space printer drivers for
weird WinPrinters that require precise timing or such...

>> Congratulations, the lessening of load while transferring is considerable
>> from 2.3.0 to 2.3.3ac3+tmw1 ... I can actually listen to mp3's with mpg123
>> and ALSA now without pops and stuttering :-)
>You're using DMA then?

Nope... Can't do that reliably with this device... (and the paride modules
don't do that anyway, do they?)

My fault. It seems that writing TO the device generates less load than
reading FROM it... And as I usually only read from the device on my Linux
box (and transfer to it using my college's windoze boxes), testing the
patch by writing to the device on linux was rather wrong :-(

So, I haven't seen any improvements, really. Sorry to say that, but my
only parallel port device can't utilise ECP, thus ...

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