Re: [PARPORT] Re: ZIP-Drive and Printer problem

Matthew Vanecek (
Mon, 31 May 1999 09:16:16 -0500

Philip Blundell wrote:
> >My board is the Asus P5A Super 7 board. The AGP and IDE controllers are
> >ALi, not sure about the I/O controller. The manual doesn't specify.
> >There *is* a little Winbond chip there, right below the cache near the
> >serial/parallel ports. According to the BIOS and the manual, there *is*
> >no SPP mode available. EPP, ECP, and ECP+EPP are all that are
> >available.
> The ALi 1543 southbridge provides parallel and serial ports itself, and I'd be
> surprised if the motherboard designer chose not to use them. The chip itself
> supports a plain ol' SPP mode though the BIOS may feel that it ought to put
> it into a more advanced mode as a matter of course (since, in theory at
> least, it shouldn't do any harm).
> If you want I can look up the runes you need to cast to constrain the port to
> SPP only.
> p.

That would be nice. I'm not familiar at all with that level of
programming. Tim had said to try "echo 'mode=1' /proc..." to get it to
work, and I think I'll stick that in my rc.local for now. If, however,
there were a cleaner way to do it...

What would it take to get this combination (zip/printer) working on this
chipset/motherboard? David had mentioned it sounded like the zip drive
wasn't releasing something-or-other--is there a way to programatically
change that?

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