Re: [PARPORT] Contact at DawiControl ?

Karl-Max Wagner (
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 19:26:13 +0000 (GMT)

> I've been working on the Belkin F5B001 parallel port SCSI adapter for some
> time. Belkin's driver credits DawiControl as the original authors of the
> driver. Until very recently, I've been unable to find any trace of a
> similar device from DawiControl.
> Now, however, they have a web page at and there I find
> a "DC-1368" adapter. I downloaded the driver and it is indeed compatible
> with the Belkin cable, and shows signs of much more recent attention.
> As DawiControl are apparently Linux-friendly, I'd like to try to make
> contact with an authoritative engineer there who could help with getting
> a driver going. (Their device is not fully functional under DOSemu, so
> I cannot produce a satisfactory solution on that basis alone.)
> DawiControl do not publish any e-mail addresses.
> Is there a reader of either of these lists that has a contact there, or
> can someone in the Goettingen area make telephone contact and see if
> they can get me an e-mail address ?

OK, I am not exactly located in Goettingen, but definitely in
this part of the world ( I am located near Bregenz in western
Austria ). I try to call them next week ( not this week because
I am kinda busy this week ). If you don't hear from me by the
end of next week, prod me because that means I forgot it ;-).

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