Re: [PARPORT] Re: Please tell me how to make my printer work in Red Hat 6.1 - FIXED!

Karl-Max Wagner (
Mon, 3 Jan 100 02:50:15 +0000 (GMT)

> You will need to add a few lines to your /etc/conf.modules file to make
> this work. The reason is that most PC's today have a plug n play bios and
> that really seems to mess up Linux in detecting all of the hardware. You
> see a message like IORESCHECK - FAILED, cannot access device already
> opened. That is the PC's PnP BIOS putting a stop to your Kudzu finding all
> of the hardware.

If you have PnP stuff, the isapnp toolsuite might be helpful.
Use pnpdump for probing for PnP devices - ti spits out all their
data to stdout in a form you can directly use as a conf file for
the PnP setting tool, isapnp with some editing to put in the
values you want. When everything works, just put it into your
startup scripts in a place prior to activating the respective

I just used it to get a PnP networking card going in a non PnP
BIOS computer. In a PnP BIOS computer you can use those tools to
override the BIOS set parameters to select values to your liking
( and that is a PLUS ! ).

Well, this is a bit off topic, but I put it in here because it
might help people to get along with PnP paralell ports better.

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