[PARPORT] Ploblems fixating a cd on HP 7200e (linux 2.0.36/cdrecord-1.8.1)

From: Greg Sylvain (gsylvain@gsc.net)
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 14:05:30 EDT

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            Hi All,

            I hope someone can give me a clue here.

            I just recently found a HP 7200e parallel port cd-writer plus. I've
    built all the modules and installed them correctly, I believe.

            I can burn the data onto the cd, but when it comes time to fixate the
    cd (create the TOC, I believe) it fails every time. I've wasted a
    half-dozen cds so far.

            I have verified the iso image which was the result of mkisofs with
    isovrfy, and mounting the file using the loop device. The image seems
    to be correct.

            Does anyone have a clue about these SCSI errors ?

            Thanks in advance for any clues,

    P.S. I have 4 devices off the parallel port - a printer, zip drive (no
    modules loaded for this) and a HP scanner.

    Greg Sylvain			gsylvain@gsc.net

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